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Have You Ever Wondered Exactly How Many Online Casinos There Are

By doing an internet search through a major search engine such as Google for the phrase "online casino" you will be unsurprised to learn that there will be upwards of 30 million results returned. This does not mean that there are over 36 million online casinos

In fact the reality is that of the first 100 results given only about 30 of the sites listed will actually be online casinoīs. The rest will be portals, review sites, gateway pages and blogs etc. etc.

Continuing this further you would be wrong to think that 30% of the first 10 results pages are actual online casinos and therefore 30% of the total results listed will be online casinos. This would mean that there are over 9,000,000 online casinos!! And that canīt be right... Can it?

The answer to that is "No itīs not". What actually happens is - the further you go down the list of results the less online casinos there actually are. In the first 100 there are about 30, in the second hundred there are about 20, the third hundred contains about 15 etc. So out of 300 results listed there are actually less than 60 (which is 20%). This continues the further you go.

Nobody actually knows how many online casinos there actually are. Some say upwards of 1,000. My last count was 1,246. But this is probably not the actual number.

The moral of this story is this : The more online casinos there are the more choice you have and the more difficult that choice becomes, find a casino that you like the look and feel of, see what software it uses, check the bonuses it offers and make sure it is secure, licensed and regulated. With La Isla Casino you can be happy that the questions are answered satisfactorily. So there is no need to look any further.

Posted : 27 Sep, 2007 by casinojack

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